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But I don't believe we were cavemen....

Posted by Amanda Reed on August 6, 2014 at 12:25 AM

Me, either. I'm a creationist and I believe in the Bible and what Genesis had to say. So you may have watched the documentaries I mentioned and noticed the comments regarding evolution and how long secularists believe we've been eating grains as compared to how long we were cave men eating meat and nuts and berries. I really hope that won't give you pause to believe the truth of the dangers of carbohydrates.

So I will (as quickly as I can) explain to you why that part of the argument doesn't phase me one bit. The book of Genesis, when it talks about the beginning of time, says that there was no death. This meant that humans and animals alike were all vegetarians, because if there was no death, then they couldn't have killed other animals to eat. There was also no corruption of the body. Man was originally made to be immortal. Now we all know the story. Satan came as a snake and deceived Eve, she ate of the one tree they were told to not eat from, she gave to her husband, and sin entered the world. The wages of sin is death. So at that point, the body began to degrade. It began the slow process of dying. At that same point in time, something else changed. God slew animals to give His children clothes. From this point on, man ate meat. So you begin to think at this point, why would it be ok for man to begin eating meat when their body was starting to break down? Well, as new medical evidence has shown us, the cholesterol in the animal fat helps to rebuild our bodies and keep us healthy, in essence, slowing the process of death. It helps the brain, increasing memory span and fighting dementia. As the human body began to break down, we suddenly needed ways to keep our bodies strong and healthy. So we ate meat.

Ok, but I still haven't shown why we shouldn't eat grains when clearly Adam and Eve farmed. We know because their son Cain was giving a grain offering to God... which, if you know the Bible, God really doesn't prefer grain offerings, He preferred the meat ones. Just random fyi… Anyway, common sense would tell us that whatever grains they farmed, a lot of it would go to feed their farm animals, they lived in a dessert area after all, and they wouldn't have had the technology to even process it the way that our grains are processed now. So, they would have had extremely unprocessed grains, rough and very close to the organic source with no pesticides; and they would have had to work hard for every little cake or bread they made. Meaning that they still would have been eating more meat and veg in comparison to the grains.

But there is something else, the wheat they had then is absolutely nothing like the wheat we have now. Dr. Davis of Wheat Belly actually addresses this concern fairly quickly in his presentation that the wheat has changed dramatically over the years: first, because it cross-pollinated with other plants, and then, because of man's experimentation. The wheat we have now is actually a man-effected mutation of the wheat we had even 50 years ago. And thus, the entrance of an evil protein that causes everything from depression to food addiction to a host of diseases that begin with inflammation of the body.

Dr. Davis says this in his FAQ's on the Wheat Belly Blog,

"First of all, it ain’t wheat. It’s the product of 40 years of genetics research aimed at increasing yield-per-acre. The result is a genetically unique plant that stands 18-24 inches tall, not the 4 1/2-foot tall “amber waves of grain” we all remember. The genetic distance modern wheat has drifted exceeds the difference between chimpanzees and humans—what a genetic difference 1% can make! But that’s more than modern wheat is removed from its ancestors."

When we consider it that way as a creationist who doesn't believe we're even related to chimpanzees, you can see how drastically different the wheat of today is from the wheat that they ate in the Bible.

There you have it... they ate plenty of fatty animal meat, and a grain that was a horse of a different color. And that's how you can still believe 100% in the book of Genesis, and also believe in a Grain free diet.


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