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But I don't believe we were cavemen....

Posted by Amanda Reed on August 6, 2014 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Me, either. I'm a creationist and I believe in the Bible and what Genesis had to say. So you may have watched the documentaries I mentioned and noticed the comments regarding evolution and how long secularists believe we've been eating grains as compared to how long we were cave men eating meat and nuts and berries. I really hope that won't give you pause to believe the truth of the dangers of carbohydrates.

So I will (as quickly as I can) explain to you why that part of the argument doesn't phase me one bit. The book of Genesis, when it talks about the beginning of time, says that there was no death. This meant that humans and animals alike were all vegetarians, because if there was no death, then they couldn't have killed other animals to eat. There was also no corruption of the body. Man was originally made to be immortal. Now we all know the story. Satan came as a snake and deceived Eve, she ate of the one tree they were told to not eat from, she gave to her husband, and sin entered the world. The wages of sin is death. So at that point, the body began to degrade. It began the slow process of dying. At that same point in time, something else changed. God slew animals to give His children clothes. From this point on, man ate meat. So you begin to think at this point, why would it be ok for man to begin eating meat when their body was starting to break down? Well, as new medical evidence has shown us, the cholesterol in the animal fat helps to rebuild our bodies and keep us healthy, in essence, slowing the process of death. It helps the brain, increasing memory span and fighting dementia. As the human body began to break down, we suddenly needed ways to keep our bodies strong and healthy. So we ate meat.

Ok, but I still haven't shown why we shouldn't eat grains when clearly Adam and Eve farmed. We know because their son Cain was giving a grain offering to God... which, if you know the Bible, God really doesn't prefer grain offerings, He preferred the meat ones. Just random fyi… Anyway, common sense would tell us that whatever grains they farmed, a lot of it would go to feed their farm animals, they lived in a dessert area after all, and they wouldn't have had the technology to even process it the way that our grains are processed now. So, they would have had extremely unprocessed grains, rough and very close to the organic source with no pesticides; and they would have had to work hard for every little cake or bread they made. Meaning that they still would have been eating more meat and veg in comparison to the grains.

But there is something else, the wheat they had then is absolutely nothing like the wheat we have now. Dr. Davis of Wheat Belly actually addresses this concern fairly quickly in his presentation that the wheat has changed dramatically over the years: first, because it cross-pollinated with other plants, and then, because of man's experimentation. The wheat we have now is actually a man-effected mutation of the wheat we had even 50 years ago. And thus, the entrance of an evil protein that causes everything from depression to food addiction to a host of diseases that begin with inflammation of the body.

Dr. Davis says this in his FAQ's on the Wheat Belly Blog,

"First of all, it ain’t wheat. It’s the product of 40 years of genetics research aimed at increasing yield-per-acre. The result is a genetically unique plant that stands 18-24 inches tall, not the 4 1/2-foot tall “amber waves of grain” we all remember. The genetic distance modern wheat has drifted exceeds the difference between chimpanzees and humans—what a genetic difference 1% can make! But that’s more than modern wheat is removed from its ancestors."

When we consider it that way as a creationist who doesn't believe we're even related to chimpanzees, you can see how drastically different the wheat of today is from the wheat that they ate in the Bible.

There you have it... they ate plenty of fatty animal meat, and a grain that was a horse of a different color. And that's how you can still believe 100% in the book of Genesis, and also believe in a Grain free diet.


Low fat? Forget you!

Posted by Amanda Reed on July 31, 2014 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Ok, so have you watched the documentary I posted on the home page? Fat Head by Tom Naughton? If you have not, let me just recap the most important thing... cholesterol is healthy and everything you've ever been taught about it is a lie.  :mad: 

How can this be?!! Well, basically, some well intending scientist somewhere desperately wanted to understand where heart disease comes from, and since our body sends cholesterol to the rescue of damage in our body, it meant that often there was cholesterol found at the site of inflammation and damage. Basically, since the police come to the scene of a crime, they are always found at the crime, so it's clearly their fault that there was a crime. Therefore, blame the police. How much sense does that make?

Our bodies are made up of mostly cholesterol. Our brains are made of fat. The same time that  "low fat, eat whole grains" hit the world, heart disease skyrocketed and obesity started to climb. Many articles have been coming out now with the headline, "Stop blaming the fat". It turns out, the lower fat you eat, the more likely you are to be eating more sugar, and you are destroying your body's fat burning abilities. Eating fat makes you full and keeps you full. Portion sizes automatically decline. Cravings pretty much disappear. It's very exciting. It also gives you energy with no crash.

Okay... Let's talk about the glycemic index. Now, if you are like I was, you probably think that how food effects your blood sugar doesn't matter if you are not diabetic. But that's completely wrong. Blood sugar is the key to either a healthy body, or a sick body.  When you eat things that make your blood sugar rise, your body kicks out insulin to defeat it, and when nearly everything you eat is spiking your blood sugar, the insulin does it's job of shoving the sugar into your cells to store for later. Thus the cells get fat, and we get fat. And if your cells are exceptionally dull, like mine are, they are terrible at releasing that fat for energy like they should, and even though we have plenty of energy stored up, we literally begin to starve at the cellular level, and our body tells us we're hungry!

In other words... we don't get fat because we're hungry, we get hungry because we're fat. Nice.  Then our body begins to crave the easiest forms of quick energy to digest... candy bars, ice cream, and milk shakes (simple carbs). Wow, my cells are lazy jerks! :lol:

Ok, so what spikes our blood sugar? Carbs. Which carbs? Here's something you can easily look up if you don't believe me... a piece of whole wheat bread (the "healthy stuff") spikes your blood sugar MORE than table sugar. The glycemic index of wheat is higher than straight sugar! What to do.. what to do...

Well, when you quit eating the carbs your body has been living off of, for a short time, your body can freak out and make you feel like crap. Keto flu, they call it. And people, in turn, sometimes think that this means they are doing the wrong thing and give up.   But if you stick with it, something amazing happens... your cells start to wake up and pull the energy from those fat stores! This is called, ketosis, or ketogenisis.

But you've heard ketosis is dangerous, and will destroy your kidneys! Proved wrong.. sorry. Plenty of evidence out there, if you want to find it. 
But too much fat will raise your cholesterol!  So what? We need cholesterol. It heals our body. It builds our brains and increases memory span. It helps you concentrate longer. Notice that the same time everyone went low fat, ADD spiked and then soared? This is because we starved children of a key ingredient necessary to their brain growth.  Awesome.

"Ok, but really, the doctor is very concerned about my cholesterol number... my LDL jumped up while eating low carb last time, and he put me on a statin."   Ugh.. I'm so sorry your doctor isn't completely hip to the new information out there.  Statins are unnecessary, especially in women, and can cause all kinds of side effects. The truth is, there are 2 kinds of LDL.  The heck you say? For real and for true! Doctors often don't test for both particle sizes because insurance won't cover it. But there are big fluffy particles, type a, and small beady, hard particles, type b. The big fluffy ones are completely innocuous, and come from healthy fats like animal fat, coconut fat, nut fats.  The little hard beady ones, which CAN form plaques IF inflammation is already present, due to stress, diet, substance abuse, heredity, etc, come from.. you guessed it.. sugar, ie carbs. If your LDL spikes, have them check your particle sizes.  Also, animal fats are the best at raising your HDL cholesterol, which all doctors agree is good stuff.

Ok, this blog post got much longer than I meant it to. As you can see, I'm pretty passionate about all of this. So if you see me eating something that's pure fat, or hear one of my kids talk about eating butter, now you see why.  In fact, if you need more information about it, because you still aren't sure, you can check out The Charlie Foundation and see that ketogenic therapies are being used in treating children and adults alike, to help with all kinds of medical problems... from epilepsy to alzheimer's. 

Next post, I'll be discussing how it's possible to believe in this type of diet and still be a creationist who believes in a young earth.

Long time, No see

Posted by Amanda Reed on August 27, 2011 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (2)

I have been MIA for quite some time, and I aplogize for that. It's been a very frustrating stretch. I have been extremely disheartened, but I never ever gave up. I gave my phone number out at my meetings and asked friends to start calling me. It has helped so much!

Since then, though the scale is still hanging on tightly to the 240's, I've had several people compliment me on how much thinner I'm looking. It only made me angry for a long time because I thought they must be just saying that to be polite. Just a couple of days ago, I had an epiphany. 2011 has not been a FAIL. You may say, well, duh! But I honestly felt like it had been for months.

So here's what changed. I joined a 30 day challenge the beginning of August. I said I wanted to lose 10 lbs this month. 3 weeks later, I was actually up a little bit, and not down at all. But I did something different for this challenge. I measured myself. And the other day, I decided to check my waist measurements. I discovered that even though my weight had not changed, I'd lost an INCH in my waist! Could it be that people telling me I looked thinner were being completely honest?? Well, let's see. During this "plateau", I've gone from a size 24 skirt to an 18/20, yeah, I'd say that's thinner. :P Why hadn't I realized this before? Why have I put all my faith in the scale's number? It's not my end all, be all. That number doesn't define my waist, now does it? :) 

So what do I think has been going on? Last year I lost 55 lbs with very rare exercise. This year, I've been exercising a LOT. Is it possible that I've been trading fat in for muscles for months? Is it possible that the scale has no idea the dinstinction between fat and muscle, it's all just weight to the scale? I think I'll scream a resounding YES!!!!!!!!!!! I feel such relief, such a burden has been lifted to know that I'm still losing fat, regardless of that number. Do I still want to see that number go down? You bet your sweet bippy. Will it? Of course. But I'm understanding that there's more to be done with this body than to just thin out. I want to be stronger, healthier and to burn calories more efficiently. That means I need muscle. So if I need to trade for a little while, and the scale has to slow down for it to happen,  I think I'm finally ok with that. :)

While I was missing:

I did a 5k walk in 65 minutes, most of it uphill. :)

I walked about 4 miles at the relay for life, which I raised over $200 for.

I climbed Castle Rock in beautiful St. Ignace, Michigan, for the second year in a row, and I kicked it's everloving derriere. It took me like a quarter of the time it took last year. Raise the roof!

My clothes are all getting big on me again. Time to go shopping. :D

And the biggest change, I decided this week that I'm going to try going back to the old Weight Watchers Points system for a little while. Just to see how it goes. :)  So I started that yesterday. I'll keep you posted on it.

Taken up in St. Ignace 8/16/2011. :)

Grab your Pencil, Before your Utensil and other fun rhymes.

Posted by Amanda Reed on April 21, 2011 at 1:14 PM Comments comments (3)

Today, my WW leader gave us a list of fun little tracking rhymes to help us remember the importance of writing down what we eat. Last week, I tracked very carefully and turned in my tracker at the end of the week. I got it back today with stickers on it! lol Anyway, the week I tracked closely, forcing me to pay attention to what I was eating, I also got to Zumba 4 times, and I lost 3.2 lbs! This week, I totally slacked with it, and I only lost 1 lb. SO, I've renewed the commitment to turn in my tracker again next week, and probably from now on. Because I'm going to do whatever it takes to keep myself on track.

Here's a couple of more tracking slogans:

If you bite it, write it.

If you drink it, Ink it.

If you snack it, track it.

Why is it so important?? Well.. I think the numbers from the last two weeks speak for themselves. It forces me to think about what I'm eating and why I'm eating it. It forces to me round my diet out. (I just noticed I haven't had any dairy yet today or nearly enough to drink, and I'm still feeling a little peckish after lunch, so maybe what I need is a bowl of yogurt, or even a glass of milk and a piece of toast with peanut butter.) It forces to me to be accountable about what's going into my body and that's a huge step for any of us who tend to eat in secret.  And I DO. It is not a strange thing for me to pass out dessert to the family, eating as I go, and then sit down with another serving, no one having been the wiser... except my waist line.

Today someone told me something so cool that they say to themselves and to their friends.  When they think they want something they shouldn't have or are offered something evil (you know, like dessert even though they don't have the points for it), they say, "I can't have that, I'm allergic. I break out in fat."  I LOVE that!! It's so true!!! It causes dimples and lumps and they take forever to get rid of. Creams don't work. lol! 

Well anyway, if you're trying to work towards being a healthier person, I urge you to journal your food. It'll make an amazing difference if you can force yourself to do it. :)

PS An update about ACS donations: I'm at $65 out of my $200 goal. There's a link on my home page and here's another one,  , so you can make a donation, because cancer sucks!

San Diego 'n' Relay for Life

Posted by Amanda Reed on April 7, 2011 at 1:19 PM Comments comments (0)

So, we did it. Andy and I went on our trip and it was wonderful. Things didn't go completely as planned but it was very nice to get away with my main squeeze and spend a few days stress free. We relaxed and swam in a salt water pool and we visited the zoo. My favorite was Sea World, though.  We spent two days there. I got to pet dolphins!! The week went by way too fast and before we knew it, it was time to pack up and head home. I really missed my kiddos, though, so that made it easier to come back. Honestly, though, it went so fast that if it weren't for photographic evidence, I might think it was all just a fantastic dream. :lol:

I walked for like 8 hours a day for 3 days I was there, but my eating was a disaster and I felt so guilty for it that I didn't write it down.I gained 4 lbs. :/  Not happy news. But I'm starting over today, clean slate. I'm going to track religiously this week and turn in my tracker to my leader next week. I'm making a commitment to it and I'm sharing it with all of you to keep me honest. lol  I dove right back into Zumba as soon as I got home. I missed the way my body felt after a couple of days of good work outs. My calves are uber sore from Aqua a couple of nights ago. I like that feeling!  It means I'm building lean muscle and that means help burning fat.

Today at Weight Watchers, we started the Walk-!t challenge. Basically, that's 6 weeks of training to walk or run a 5k. Since this will be my first, I'm going to walk. I have a schedule of how I should practice, and I start tomorrow. The entire thing is going to culminate at this year's Relay for Life (so I actually get more like 8 weeks).  I've joined the Weight Watchers Relay team and I'm taking donations now.  If I can raise $100, I get a t-shirt, and last year's shirt got  ruined :( so I'd really like a new one. But I'm setting my personal goal at $250. Please throw me donations! It all goes to The American Cancer Society. Please help me reach my personal goal. :)

I stink at Blogging

Posted by Amanda Reed on February 24, 2011 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (3)

Alright, alright. So I don't keep up with my blog nearly enough. Especially if I have a gain. But someone told me blogging even when I have a gain could be really powerful. So, I'm going to blog about my gain 2 weeks ago. I was embarrassed, but truth be told, I expected it. I earned it. And I wasn't that upset about it. I knew what I had done to cause the gain and what I had to do to take it off again. 

My eating that week had gotten out of control.  We ordered pizza on Friday. I had a date night with my hubby on Saturday, a big dinner for Valentine's day with his coworkers. Then Superbowl Sunday, hubby took us all out to Applebee's and we split a dessert. Saturday and Sunday I waddled home feeling like I was going to explode.

Why'd I do that? Well,  sometimes I still have the mentallity that "I've been doing good, so I deserve this treat". Wait, what?   Do I really deserve to be sick to my stomach because I ate too much? Or to feel bloated and uncomfortable? Or to send my body into sugar/carb craving mode for days because of it? Um, No. That doesn't sound like a treat now that I think about it. Sounds more like a punishment.  I don't deserve to punish myself with food. Absolutely not. I don't deserve to feel like I've fallen off the wagon.

What do I deserve? I deserve to feel good because I know I ate food that nourished my body and in turn my soul. I deserve to feel proud of myself and what I've accomplished.  I deserve a new outfit and a manicure. LOL! 

So, will I have another weekend where I eat 3 pieces of pizza on Friday, a huge dinner plus cheesecake on Saturday, and then dinner out again with dessert on Sunday? Well, truthfully... maybe. Will I have a gain. Probably. Will I beat myself up for it? Nope. Because I'm human. But weekends like that just remind me why I eat healthy food most of the time. It's not a punishment or depriving myself if I don't eat every bite on my plate, or I only taste dessert and then leave the rest. It's telling myself that I'm worth it, and I deserve better.

Clothes that make you cry

Posted by Amanda Reed on January 28, 2011 at 9:49 PM Comments comments (4)

I have to admit. I kinda shut down about clothes for a long time. I stopped getting teary over things being too small. I shoved the depression down and then buried it with 1 pound Symphony bars and a side of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Then I just started reaching for the biggest sizes the store carried. When the 4X at Walmart got too snug, I sighed, withdrew, found some plus sized catalogs, and had a couple Bavarian creme filled long johns, washed down with a tall glass of milk and some excuses.

"I hurt too much to get in shape."  "I'm having chest pains, I'll have a heart attack if I exercise."  "I'll just FAIL and gain it all back plus more, so what's the point in trying."

Some women can gain half a shoe size from having children, and then keep that new shoe size. But I went from a size 71/2 W to an 8 1/2 W.   I wrote it off as part of mommydom, after all, who gains weight in their feet? I wasn't that big, right? By the way, I could really go for some Fritos, a couple bottles of cream soda, and some Little Debbie snacks.

So anyway, my point is that it's been a long long time since I cried over clothing. I didn't cry today when I pulled the sweatshirt from the "too small drawer" and put it on, and it fit. I was a little excited and proud of myself that it fit, but I convinced myself that the only way I could wear a 2X was if it was stretched out. 'Cause, you know, I wore a lot of my clothes as I gained the weight, and so of course it's stretched out.  Then tonight, we went to Walmart and I decided I wanted a NEW sweatshirt. I reached for a 3X and then decided I'd go for the gusto and get the 2X.  It'd probably be a bit snug, but eventually it'd fit.  I'm working at it.  I walked toward the fitting room and then changed my mind. I took it with me and met the rest of the family. I thought about it several times and felt that little bit of sadness rise in me, I've been in 3X for a long time now and only forcing the 2X's to fit, and I would really like to see some progress. Oh well, eventually, I'll get there, right?

When I got home tonight, I went to my bedroom and whipped off my shirt to try on the new sweatshirt. Those old hopes about clothes fitting, the ones I'd pushed down under so many layers of fat, were resurfacing. I put my arms into the sleeves and thought, it's going to be snug, just deal with. It's no biggie, it'll fit eventually. Don't let yourself get worked up. I pulled the shirt on the rest of the way...and...... it fit. It didn't just go on, it fit.  Nicely! I looked at myself in the mirror, the corners of my  mouth pulled up into the biggest grin my face could hold, and I started sobbing. Not just getting teary.... actually crying! I looked at my eyes and for a minute felt the need to subdue such ridiculous splays of emotion over something as trivial as a piece of clothing. Then I told that part of my brain to shut up! And I cried some more! I'm honestly shedding tears here and now over it.  I'm not sure I can explain.. but it's like... losing the pounds I've shed, I've been digging up a me I didn't know existed anymore.  And you know? I can't wait to get reacquainted. 

PS I got new shoes tonight, too, and guess what? I'm down 1/2 a shoe size to size 8W. ;)


Posted by Amanda Reed on January 27, 2011 at 2:38 PM Comments comments (2)

Well, I have to just say straight up I have the greatest Mother in Law ever, and with that said, I now have a gym membership. I've been going for 3 weeks now and I'm loving Zumba. An hour of no kids tugging at me, no worries or stress. Just 60 minutes of dancing around like I couldn't care less, and truth be told, I couldn't. LOL! It's the greatest therapy ever. And on top of that, I'm getting an amazing cardio work out, with some toning thrown in for good measure. I do Zumba Aqua on Tuesdays and that's a real treat. I get to thaw out from this never-ending winter once a week.  I just wish I could make it more often!

My leader, her name is Kelly, she's amazing. She's just so sweet and down to earth. She cares about all of us and she gives me the "good job" I so need to hear. lol Andy has been wonderful, too. He hasn't complained once about me going to the gym, even if it means tv dinners and having to get the kids ready for bed without me. I ♥ that man!

Today's weigh in, I was down a total of 58.8 pounds. I know right? Round of applause por mi! Thank you, thank you! You're too kind. :P  I'm so hoping I can get that 1.2 next week I need to reach 60 and hit my second 10% milestone!  I definitely need to take some new pictures because I need the boost it gives me to see progress in front of my face.

In other news, the trip we're planning for the spring, just the two of us, for an entire week, is coming together. I'm so excited. So, fingers crossed we get to go. :D I'm well on my way to fitting comfortably into an amusement rides we happen to try.  My confidence has skyrocketed since joining WW last year and I'm trying new things that I never thought I could do before. Maybe a roller coaster is in my future!   We'll be flying, too, and I've never done that before!

Recently, I'm hearing a lot of "you inspired me to join weight watchers and I've lost #!" It's so cool to hear that! And I want you all to know that you inspire just as much to keep going. What kind of inspiration would I be if I fell off the wagon now?? 8)

Anyway, that's my update cause one was due. :) Hope I have some good news after next week's weigh in.


Posted by Amanda Reed on January 6, 2011 at 12:27 PM Comments comments (7)

I love my WW meetings. And I love my WW leader. I love how when I go to my meetings each week, that no matter whether I had a gain or not, I feel like it's a fresh start and like I have a renewed drive to make it through another week. I had another small gain today, and that gets really frustrating, but there was a lot of holiday eating this week, plus female things. So I'm sure next week will be better. Plus, I'm feeling more motivated to get moving again.

The hubby and I are trying hard to plan a trip to San Diego over spring break. I'm really really driven to lose as much weight as possible between now and then. I want to be stronger and leaner. I have a little less than 3 months to obtain this new level of self that I'm striving for. I'm not planning on some itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini. But I do want to bump my confidence, and know that no matter how much walking we do, I'll be up for it. And I want to fit if we decide to hop on an amusement park ride. So, what number goal should we pick for this? In my wildest dreams, I'd love to lose another 30 lbs between now and then. I think that's really asking for way too much. So let's say 20. Another 20 lbs by the last week of March. Do ya think I can do it? Will ya'll help me get off my keister and onto the wii fit??

Ya know what would be awesome? A gym membership.... *le sigh* A girl can dream.

'10 Don't go 'way mad, but by all means, Just go away!

Posted by Amanda Reed on December 30, 2010 at 12:23 PM Comments comments (2)

I apologize for not updating my blog this month. I'll be honest, I was struggling a little with the new program. I knew I'd get it down eventually, but I was annoyed that I had to change after doing so well for so many months. Plus the holidays were so busy, I just sort of let this fall to the wayside. But I'm back! I've got this new program under control and I had a great loss this week. I was very close to 55 lbs down, but hopefully I'll hit that next week for my birthday!

Yes, next week's weigh-in falls on my 30th birthday. And though I'm still feeling a little sad at seeing my 20's come to a close, I'm so very happy that I have already begun getting my health under control, and that I can go into this next decade knowing it's going to be so much healthier than the last one. :)

So what can I say about 2010?

I have learned a lot about myself this year. This being the longest I've ever stayed on a weight loss program, I've learned that it doesn't matter what program I use as much as it matters that I make the decision that I'm worth the effort.

This year has been a year of change from the way I think to the way I eat to the way I feel to the way I stand. I have rediscovered the happy me that I had misplaced. I don't feel guilty like I should hide when I eat in public anymore. I do still sometimes feel the need to explain when I eat something that isn't considered "diet friendly". That's something to work on for next year. :)

I'm down to a size 24 and that is so exciting. I can wear some 2X's now.  I have a big box of clothes that my hubby's aunt gave me that I can ungrow into, so that's exciting, too. Some fits now and some is just a bit snug, but I'll get there :D

Lastly, of 2010, I can say, I'm not sad to see you go, oh, Twenty-Ten. Sure, you've been a great year, but I know next year is going to be even better.  Oh, don't go away mad, it's not you, it's me, I've just ungrown you. ;) I'm older now, and smarter, and I realize that I can do better. So farewell, Twenty-ten. We'll always have the memories. :P