Amanda - ♥Worthy of Love ♥

Nope, not stuck on myself.  That's the definition of my name.  And it took me over 30 years to accept that it was true.  To realize that I'm totally worth the effort it's taking for me to get the healthy body that I want.  And it wasn't without Jesus that I figured this all out.  He's made this thing a whole lot easier. I found healing from childhood traumas at a Help Me Heal conference in March of 2014. PTL!

Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother

 I am married to a wonderful man, Andy, and we have 3 beautiful daughters, who drive me totally crazy and I adore them.  Obesity runs in my family, and I've decided that the buck stops here. So, these 4 are on the bandwagon with me whether they like it or not.  And I must say that so far, they like it just fine.

Andy and I have been married for 15 years! (8/14/99)  It's flown by. And there were a lot of people who didn't think we'd make it. We were "too young" when we got married. Well, I admit we were very young, but we are also very committed and kinda bullheaded.... also rebellious. Yup. I sort of had this attitude of, "they think we won't make it, I'LL SHOW EM!" Haha!  It helps that I'm still madly in love with him, and can still be caught doodling "Amanda loves Andy" like a high school girl.  I love you, Baby!!

 My girls... well, what can I say.  They're too smart for their own good, and beautiful to boot.  I don't have cutesy nicknames for them, but the running joke when I get flustered and can't remember their names is like this, Tall One, Blondie, and Short One. Tall One is 13, Blondie is 11, and Short one just turned 8.  

This is a picture we took at the Creation Museum just this past April. (2014) It's a great starting picture. 


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